Beard Czar-Facial Hair Supplement-Beard Growth vitamins for Men

Feed your beard with the Beard Czar, the original facial hair formula! First supplement beard growth of the world, Beard Czar supports the growth of healthy facial hair for men with beards.

3rd part tested and certified-what’s in your beard? Beard Czar ingredients are tested and verified by Reputable 3rd Party Labs.

In addition, Beard Czar is certified supplement for beard Growth.

No other beard growth products carry these quality certifications.

100% drug-free-each batch of Beard Czar is tested and verified as safe, trusted and result producing.

The best athletes use Beard Czar vitamins for beard growth!.

A multivitamin for men with beard-with its potent nutritional profile, Beard Czar can also be used as your daily multivitamin.

It includes important nutrients for men, such as vitamin D and zinc.

Get the daily support you need while growing the beard best of your life!.

Made in the U.S.

With the highest quality ingredients for facial hair care.

Grow a thicker fuller beard with Beard Czar-the original facial hair formula.

Beard Czar Description

The world’s first facial hair supplement, Beard Czar was formulated to support healthy beard growth in men. It provides hair-nourishing vitamins and minerals to help your facial hair grow faster and stronger than ever before! Great facial hair is just the beginning. With its powerful nutrition profile, It can also be used as your daily multivitamin. Includes important nutrients for men, like Vitamin D and Zinc.

3rd Party Tested & Certified

Beard Czar contents are tested and certified by well known and trusted institution. In addition, every batch is tested and verified to be free of banned substances by the NSF Certified. 100% drug-free beard growth vitamins.

Highest Quality

Demand the best for your beard! Often copied, but never equaled, Beard Czar has revolutionized facial hair care. Every bottle of Beard Czar contains 90 easy-to-swallow vegan/vegetarian capsules and is proudly made in the USA by Do Vitamins.

Does not Contain

Wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, shellfish, nuts, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners/colors/flavors. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Manufactured in strict compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Made in the USA.


Beard Czar is a dietary supplement designed to support healthy facial hair growth for men with beards. It will not magically sprout hair from your face where there was none.

Beard Czar Contains Multivitamins

It is a multivitamin supplement that promotes the growth of facial hair in men and strengthens it. The Beard Czar formula includes multiple minerals and vitamins that nourish the beard.

This product unlike others, stands out for the positive effects on the growth of the beard. This happens because among its main ingredients is vitamin D, biotin and Zinc, the latter well known for the great results in regeneration facial hair and hair.

The most remarkable

Beard Czar Unlike other treatments, it is not dangerous, has no drugs and has been tested and verified.

Who can take Beard Czar?

All those men who want to have a more populated and healthy beard from the inside out. This supplement is also suitable for vegans/vegetarians because it contains no gluten, preservatives and/or artificial flavors, etc.

Beard Czar is a vitamin supplement suitable for those people who want to promote the growth of the beard and at the same time keep it healthy.

Although it may sound a little contradictory that cutting the hair when looking for it to grow longer in an accelerated way can work. Men who for years have shaved and need to scream change their lifestyle, well, there is a solution. When taking the Beard Czar beard tablets help you keep your facial hair healthy and regenerate the skin cells.

Beard Czar Makes Your Face Attractive but How?

Having a healthy and abundant beard will make your face attractive. You may want your beard to look more vigorous or you may have an interest in recovering it after a while to neglect it. Taking Beard Czar Beard is the best way to take care of your new hair and help it grow faster and make it look thick.

Since the hair is made of proteins. People who suffer from hereditary pattern baldness or those who begin abrupt weight loss programs will experience a lack of growth in their hair and the beard. With the Beard Czar beard tablets everything will be different, it contain vitamins to improve the fat of the hair, and the edges of thinning. You will need every two months to cut the tips so that the growth is continuous and you won’t have to worry about the diets that paralyze your hair growth.

Helps Promote Biotin Production

Beard Czar is a protein supplement that will help you to promote the production of biotin, collagen and substances to tone facial growth. The Beard Czar Beard tablets are ideal for growing hair from your beard as they contain the protein in charge of growing hair.

It is essential for a healthy lifestyle

It makes hair grow more, stronger and thicker

An effective treatment for weak and lifeless hair growth.

Beard Czar Features-for better beard growth

100% Natural

Vitamins For more and male beard

The world’s most popular supplement to achieve the best beard!

Stimulates Healthy Beard hair

As a dietary supplement of its kind, it has been specifically designed to stimulate a healthy beard.

Beard Czar contains vitamins and minerals that feed the roots of beard hair to achieve faster and stronger growth.

No Beard? No problem!

Although this is due to genetics, this does not prevent you from still being able to get a beard by supplementing Beard Czar for a few weeks.

The combination of high doses of biotin (vitamin B7), vitamin B2, vitamin B12 and other essential vitamins, increase blood circulation and give essential nutrients to the hair. That light, barely visible hair evolves to become revitalized, dark and voluminous hair.

More Beard + multivitamin daily

Beard Czar Not only promotes beard growth. Due to the excellence of its active ingredients, It can also be taken as a multivitamin supplement to meet the daily needs of vitamins.

High quality

The vitamins used come from sources certified exclusively for the production of Beard Czar. Production is carried out in a GMP-certified laboratory in the USA.


Biotin-Vitamin A-vitamin B-vitamin D-vitamin E-vitamin B3-vitamin B5-Vitamin B12-Folic acid-nicotinic acid-iodine-calcium-seed oil


Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.

How do I grow my beard?

If there is a word that you should repeat as a mantra throughout the beard growth process that is definitely patience (and so, in uppercase). Nothing is immediate in this life and much less to be filled the face of facial hair.

It is very possible that if you are not accustomed to wearing a beard from the second week of growth notes irritation and flakes appear. Don’t worry, it’s absolutely normal as the hair grows, the skin tends to dry out a lot. However, I give you a couple of pointers to cope better:

  1. Hydrates the scaly area with natural products, with special oil for beard or balsam not without my beard. If you opt for other products make sure that they do not contain alcohol in their composition, as they dry out even more and it would really sting.
  1. Give balls to the issue that will pass quickly

Although at this point the length of your beard is not much and you do not need to wash it specifically, avoid applying in that area conventional shampoos as they usually contain chemical components that could accuse irritation. Opt for 100% natural soaps.

After the phase of irritations and itching, we will see that our beard looks scruffy and little cared for: it’s time to fix it. To do this, we’ll shave those unruly and crazy hairs that grow below the neck line, cheeks and mustache. To shave you can use a conventional razor blade, an electric shaver, a Philips laser razor or go to your barber and have it rushed to a razor. If you are looking for a more naufrago and carefree roll avoid shaving.

How and where to shave the beard?

Sometimes it happens to us that when we have a razor or a razor we go a little hand on it to clean and sharpen the beard and cut more of the bill. There is really not much that we should shave: in the neck line there are those who choose to shave from below the chin, which is unnatural, ideally to shave just when the neck begins and ends the face.

As for the mustache, with scissors you can remove those hairs that are mounted above your upper lip. And on the cheeks try not to empty too much and follow the natural line eliminating those two or three hairs in guerilla. For more information you can read the article what beard is best for your face? Ah! By the way, that if you shave more times faster and strong you’ll get the beard is another urban legend like so many others.

Decide What kind of beard you want to look and wait for the time needed to grow: if you want a short goatee (ideal for those who work in companies that do not allow you to look very long beard) with a couple or three weeks should suffice. If you want to have a considerable beard, my recommendation is that you wait about three months, and from here the retouching, fix the ends and give the shape you want.

If you are going to choose to fix yourself the beard I advise you to trim use scissors, because they offer more control and avoid disasters. Also, I recommend that you wash your beard daily with the special soap and you apply oil and take Beard Czar also every day.

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