Biogenic XR – What is it ?  Does It even Work?

Biogenic XR is the most sold natural remedy in the world to enlarge the penis. Many years of success are behind your fame as well as the fact that you only use natural ingredients to give you the sexual performance you and your partner want.

Biogenic XR-virility is a male empowerment product available in pill form to increase penis size and thickness. It is one of the most effective supplements available on the market.

biogenic xr

A Quick Review of Ingredients Contained in Biogenic XR


Occurs naturally Boron is an element widely distributed in minerals of the earth’s crust. It ranks 51 in the list of the most common elements in the earth’s crust and is at an average concentration of 8 mg / kg (approximately 0.0008%).  it helps boosting nitric oxide production which ultimately boost blood flow.  The function of this ingredient in Biogenic xr is to simply boost blood flow to the penis which assures harder erection power.


The Function of this ingredient in Biogenic Xr is to reduce stress and boosting your concentration which as a results helps improves sexual health.


Saw palmetto is a low growing plant that resembles the palm tree. It produces flowers and berries that for centuries have been used to treat Ed problems in older men with enlarged prostate. While the benefits of saw palmetto in erectile dysfunction are huge, there has been some anecdotal evidence that it helps with the relief of symptoms in men with benign prostatic hypertrophy. It is even thought to reduce the growth of cancer cells in the prostate.

Ongoing studies suggest that saw palmetto affects a man’s testosterone levels. The interference in testosterone is what has driven its use to increase sexual desire, improve libido and cure impotence.


This herb helps increase natural testosterone in the body. Testosterone is a hormone that regulates many bodily functions. The main objective is to regulate testosterone in male sexual health.

This weed was initially discovered for its healing properties – it is known to cure erectile dysfunction in men. A healthy man will have balanced levels of testosterone.

This herb helps improve male health by producing more testosterone in the body. It serves as an excellent state of health and sexual tonic, which helps your body in its general physical state.

In addition to sexual dysfunction, it also helps to treat numbness, joint pain, back pain, impotence, spermatorrhoea and many other health ailments.


Biogenic Xr contains Nettle Extract because it helps boosting testosterone levels in body which ultimately helps improving sexual health.


Biogenic Xr absorbs quickly into the body which trigger a quick improvement in sexual health all this is possible with the help of bioperine.   

Libido Enhancer Increases the Size as well

Biogenic XR is definitely an effective complement that not only increases male libido but is the definitive solution to increase the size of the penis. It contains a mixture of natural ingredients that work together to strengthen blood vessels, improve circulation and improve sex hormones to give you stronger and longer lasting erections. Biogenic XR is produced exclusively with natural ingredients to ensure that you do not have to worry about damage to your quality of life.

Performs in a short time

Biogenic XR pills are a supplement that helps to enlarge the penis in a short time to take them regularly. It gives you an opportunity to improve the size of your penis without dangerous procedures such as surgeries, exercises, or strange devices.

A Natural Supplement

Biogenic XR is a powerful product that offers many benefits for male sexual health. If you have been looking for a natural supplement for penis enlargement that will help you to have greater sexual satisfaction, this may be one of your main options.

Improves Quality and Duration

Biogenic XR is indeed, within the penis enlargement market, something that promises to give some extra centimeters to your penis and you can also measure in increasing your erections. And if we talk about orgasms, Biogenic XR will improve the quality and duration. You will enjoy that special moment even more than you would normally do, thanks to this penis enlargement supplement.

Made With Natural Herbs

Unlike other supplements, Biogenic XR is made from natural herbs traditionally used in conjunction with other high quality amino acids to create an effective and safe product for penis enlargement for all who want to improve their limb and the satisfaction of their partner.

Boosts Your Confidence

As one of the male power pills that lead the market today, this revolutionary product has helped many men look and feel more confident and satisfy their partners in bed. Biogenic XR has a large number of benefits, including natural penis enlargement, increased bed resistance, reduced erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems facing men.

Women typically say that volume does not have an issue but this is only true to a certain extent. If you have a small penis, the truth is that it will cost you more work to satisfy your partner. This can be exceptionally wearisome. Nobody wants to experience like they can’t make happy their spouse or go through the disgrace of undressing in front of her for the first time just to reveal a less than impressive member.

For centuries, less gifted men have faced this difficulty that seemed to have no way out — until Biogenic XR arrived. Fortunately, recent advances in health skills have led to some natural supplements for virility, such as Biogenic XR, to extreme levels so that you can better meet your partner.

The enhanced Biogenic XR formula is a booster with numerous benefits for male sexual health. It is a natural supplement that can improve sexual performance and satisfaction significantly.

The Main Choice of Every Man

With thousands of satisfied users Biogenic XR is becoming the main choice for men looking for that extra impulse. With so many satisfied customers, and with their long history of success, it is no surprise that Biogenic XR is the most trusted name in male enhancement. Biogenic XR has been positioned as the penis enlargement supplement that does not require number one prescription, because it works.

Do you want to return the intensity to your sex life?

Do you want to overload your performance in bed and drive your partner crazy with a huge and hard member like a rock that stays erect as long as you want? Then you must consider this supplement that everyone is talking about.

Biogenic XR is a powerful supplement for male enhancement and penis enlargement that increases the size of the penis as well as increases its sexual strength. After regular use you will notice more powerful erections and greater thickness. Your sexual stamina will improve and you will enjoy the superior appearance of your penis.

Safe to use Formula

The great thing about Biogenic XR is that it is not only safe to use but it also uses ingredients that have been extensively used in traditional medicine for centuries and with very good results. This special formula is now available in this product. By combining these ingredients into a single pill, you get a fast and effective penis enlargement product.

Provides Quality of Erection

Biogenic XR is the ideal choice if you are looking for pills that improve the quality of your erections and the size of your penis. Use of the pills for at least six months is recommended for maximum results. In 6 months the maximum results are achieved, which translates into the largest and most powerful erections imaginable. It’ll cost you to believe what your eyes see!

Longer Erections

There are many other benefits that can be expected from Biogenic XR. First, it will have more durable erections and as solid as a stone. This will allow you to enjoy sex for longer periods of time – and your partner will enjoy this aspect as well. You will also be able to have erections when you want it. Another benefit of this natural supplement is that it treats your performance and erections problems while increasing the size of your penis. You do not need any medicinal prescription treatment for your problems if you are consuming this natural product.

How does Biogenic XR work?

Biogenic XR works by escalating the blood vessels in the penis. This allows an increase in the blood flow to your penis which is believed to be responsible for erections of more thickness, length, firmness and longer duration, and at the same time increase the size of the penis. This completely natural supplement is safe and easy to use; It contains a combination of traditional herbs and amino acids that improve virility by increasing blood flow to the penis. In addition certain ingredients in Biogenic XR unleash male libido and increase testosterone, creating a rejuvenated sexual response.

Why Choose Biogenic XR?

Biogenic XR is a penis enlargement formula that was designed to increase the size and thickness of the penis. Biogenic XR also boosts testosterone and sexual libido in man and helps eliminate all male sexual problems once and for all. If you take seriously lengthening your penis, simply opt for this supplement. In a few months you will notice an increased size of your penis, increasing your sexual libido at the same time allowing you to have pleasurable sex.

Biogenic XR is not a scam?

Why is it consistently qualified as one of the best men’s power pills over and over again? The answer is simple: because it works. This product is a natural alternative to some of the most expensive prescriptions and procedures and was created with the intention of bringing erections and penis size to another level.

What are the side effects of Biogenic XR?

Biogenic XR is a natural product and has no side effects of great importance. However, people with specific medical conditions, such as heart disease, should first consult their doctor.

How to take Biogenic XR?

The recommended dosage is one pill at breakfast time and one after dinner at night. Or two pills together after dinner, or 2 hours before the sex act. This dose may be increased to four tablets a day (two each time, with a minimum interval of four hours) on certain days that you want an extra push.

How to order Biogenic XR?

The only way to buy is through the link we provide below. On the next page you will find the necessary instructions in order to complete your order, view the prices and take you to a safe page where you can place your order safely.

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