Myths About Hair Care

There are several myths about hair. Hair has a life for about 3 years and it is certainly dependent person to person. It is advisable not to rely on hair gossip and resort to a new regime as suggested by your friends. What suits them in terms of application or treatment may not be applicable to you. Improving quality and texture for your hair can be aided with best things in diet and this is useful for a long term purpose. Vitamins help your hair growth is again a myth. If you are blessed with good hair, popping pills without a medical prescription will cause side effects. If you have acute hair fall, then the doctor will prescribe you calcium or iron pills that will help you stay healthy.

Any kind of head massage is beneficial for hair growth is again a myth. A wrong kind of massage can definitely cause hair problems. Though you may feel refreshed after a hair massage, it is best to visit a spa that has skilled personnel to do a massage. Hair oils or hair vitamins help hair growth and has to be recommended by a doctor. It is better not to stock your home with ready buys except if you are convinced about the same. Split ends fall off is another myth. The only cure for split ends is to cut it and nip it off. There are special hair cutting sessions for split ends and its best to remedy the same with a proper treatment.

Trimming is not necessary is a false belief. Though the latest hair styles are about uneven hair cuts, trimming hair regularly is essential. Even though you use the best hair shampoos and avoid brushing too hard, hair tends to break at the ends. The split ends grow upwards and give away to cause rapid hair fall. Unchecked split ends are disastrous for hair. Another myth is that combing hair will cause hair fall. In fact, some good combing makes the follicles get better benefits with blood circulation. Combing hair is essential and recommended even before you go to bed.

Another hair myth is that organic and herbal products are the best. Hair responds differently with each person’s hair health. It is good to rely on home made products and organic compounds but that depends on the hair problem. Sometimes medicated shampoos are necessary. Hair myth also goes that washing hair daily is bad. This is not true and it is absolutely essential to wash hair as soon as it gets dirty. If you hit the roads often or use helmets or are often exposed to harsh weather, hair has to be protected and washing with a built-in conditioner is necessary.

Using a lot of oil and leaving on oil is beneficial is again a myth. Oil pulls in dust and grime. A dandruff issue may get latched on to the scalp. Hence using a hair oil for half and hour is more than enough for any kind of hair. Another myth goes that you must stick on to same shampoo for years. This does not hold good as the body, skin and hair goes through several changes of exposure, stress, age and hormone levels. Further hair changes as per the climate and hence an apt shampoo is required for good hair.


Tips On Hair Care

General care for hair must begin at an early age. Sweat and grime are harmful for hair. Any residue left due to shampoo or conditioner hampers the growth of follicles and can cause hair problem. Various kinds of protein packs aided with keratin are the best way you can get and retain the sheen in your hair. There are special treatments which are recommended especially for celebrities who continuously use styles. Using approved products saves a lot of after stress when a styling idea backfires. It is perfectly fine to rebond or perm your hair but caring after the treatment has to be really special. Looking for an easy way to take care of your tresses is lowering your anxiety. Stress can kill the quality of your hair.

There are wonderful hair balms and creams available at a spa. It is good idea to indulge in a therapy and apply the essentials so that the spa treatments help rejuvenate your hair. Diet and exercise play a great role in adding life to your hair. You can enjoy the benefit of using home made remedies like a yoghurt mask or wheat germ treatments available in special packs. But it is good if you can insist on quality brands. Taking care of baby hair is again important. Though your doll looks good in the pig tails, it is worthwhile to note that too much of scrunching and keeping hair pulled is harmful for the follicles. No use tugging tangled hair as it damages the quality of hair.

Using hair extensions is very much in. With so many facilities available in treating hair, having extensions is a wonderful job. The sealing chemical method is used in extensions to bond with natural hair. After any treatment, care of hair is vital with proper conditioning and styling. Depression can cause hair fall and some of the medicines to treat the same can take off the quality of your hair. While on medication, it is good to get clarity from the doctor about any kind of side effects. Organic is good and so it is about food too. If a daily intake of nuts, wholegrain and dairy products is included, the body gets adequate amount of nutrition to aid proper hair growth. The benefits of exercise and regime are many as they primarily allow blood circulation.

Brushing hair the right way is the best way to avoid hair fall. There are so many special brushes available in the market. A wide tooth comb is preferred for wet hair. Minimize the combing session while the hair is wet as it gives rise to split ends. Knowing your hair type will help you choose the best shampoo or conditioner. Another simple idea is to erase the tangles before taking a bath. An oil massage before you in the shower is a logical idea. This helps the conditioner work well and you can really smooth hair that is so easy to comb. Styling can be limited. Too much of braiding or tying up interferes with the texture of your hair. You can space the styling ideas with regular intervals.



Hair Care Myths - Dont do what you hear seeing is believing About Hair Care There are several myths about hair. Hair has a life for about 3 years and it is certainly dependent person to person. It is advisable not to rely on hair gossip and resort to a new regime as suggested by your friends. What suits them in...