The buttocks are three muscles belonging to the lower limbs, they form the buttock and upper thigh and posterior part. Therefore, they are fundamental pieces in the act of locomotion. Its main motor action is to extend and rotate laterally to the thigh, reason why any movement in that direction serves to work them.

When the femur is taken as a fixed point, the buttocks straighten the pelvis by directing it backward, and for this reason, its function is directly related to gait and holding the bipedal posture erect (standing position), maintaining the body In vertical and right or straight, in a way of being or standing that is very important to conserve after 50 years.

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It is precisely by averaging life, and when these muscles become flaccid and their action decreases, the body begins to bend and the lumbar and cervical pains occur in clear signs that the first symptoms of aging begin to appear. What a problem! Let’s see then what we can do.

To avoid, or at least delay, as much as possible, these signs of admission to the elderly, and based on the functions mentioned, it is advisable to walk at least three times a week taking long steps, and if possible, on a Same line of tiles, as do the models that wear clothes on the catwalks. Yes, I know that walking down the street would be funny and would draw people’s attention to the way you would move your butt, but I remind you that this is a form of training that closely resembles athletic walking, So much I recommend that you practice it with sports clothes and in some park, square or walk to avoid problems and do not collapse the traffic of the vehicles distraining the attention of the drivers!

So that this additional work to the specific exercises that I’m going to give you right away, is really effective, you must proceed as follows: 1º) you have to cover stretches of 100 meters walking fast and with great strides, and 2º) you have to alternate with equals Distances, but taking more normal and slow steps to recover and normalize your breathing rate. So you should combine both rhythms for at least 10 minutes every day you go for a walk, trying to make it possible, on different days to those who practice the exercises.



see, this form of exercise is easy, natural and nothing expensive or complicated, however, imposes a requirement on the inside of the thighs, and also on the central area of the buttocks and outer side of The hips, so that after only a month the anatomical changes in these areas are usually quite remarkable.



Generally, the superficial surface of the buttocks is usually covered by a thick cellulograsous layer. To avoid or eliminate it, these muscles must be subjected to a specific, localized and intense work. Although the muscular group is divided in three beams or fibrous bodies defined: greater, medium and smaller, because their mechanical action is similar, all three respond without problems to vigorous and intense treatments.


So that to exercise your buttocks in order to make them lean and hard, you have to isolate their movements perfectly as in the execution of the 3 exercises that I propose below and for which I ask your maximum mental concentration in the sense That you feel how they stretch and how they contract in each repetition. For this I ask you to work deliberately slow, and taking into account in addition, that the deeper the flexions, the greater the work that will fall on your buttocks, and consequently, the better the results you will get!


How to Uplift Sagging Buttocks

As you age, your skin loses its elasticity and decreases your tone muscle. This process often causes certain parts of the body such as the stomach, breasts and buttocks, firm or appear less flabby. Cosmetic surgery procedures can help to reaffirm and reinforce these areas, but only for a time and for a considerable amount of money. The best way to reassert your sagging buttocks is through regular cardio and strength training and proper nutrition.


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Make squats. Squats are easiest exercise and the best to tone your butt, and you can do squats almost anywhere. Keep your feet apart to hip width with your fingers slightly bent out and bend your knees deeply sending your hips back and down as if you were sitting on a chair. Do this with or without hand weights, but continue until you feel your glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps burn.


Walk uphill. Hiking is one of the best ways to tone and strengthen your buttocks. Combine cardiovascular exercise to burn calories and fats, with muscle building moves to lift and refill soft areas. You can find hills around your house and walk three to five days a week at a vigorous pace, or you can walk uphill on a treadmill. To do this on a treadmill, you just have to put the ramp up to a height that feels controllable but challenging, and walk at a good pace for 30 minutes three to five times a week. If you feel a burn in your back, you are working to tone and lift your buttocks.


Be careful what you eat. Nutrition is an important part of toning and firming buttocks. To lift a flabby Buttocks, you need to lose body fat and you can do this only with consistent exercise and proper nutrition. Stay away from sweets, fatty foods high in calories, and stick to lean meats, fish, chicken, fresh fruits and vegetables.


Be consistent. To reaffirm and tone any part of your body, including your butt, you need to work consistently and eat properly each day. A good plan is to exercise five days a week, adding an extra day whenever you can. If you are just starting an exercise routine, start with three days a week and develop your routine from there, adding one day every two weeks. Find a training partner to support you responsibly, and set manageable goals you can work toward.

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