Kou Tea – Combination of Green, White, Oolong & Pu-Erh Tea

Kou Tea has been a revolution in the natural health of people. Although not all its properties are scientifically proven, it is known that many of them are real, such as its antioxidant characteristic, as well as its thermo genesis and diuretic effect.

In addition, its rich flavor and pleasant aroma have led to the maximum popularity among therapeutic plants. It has been used for centuries and humans still do not know how to thank him for all that he has brought to our body.

Kou Tea properties

In this article we will evaluate all the properties of Kou Tea, as well as its benefits for our health, what it is for, how we can take it to lose weight, as a stimulant, and other detailed benefits.

kou tea

Properties of Kou Tea and nutritional qualities

In order to know the uses and benefits of Kou Tea, we must first know what its nutritional properties are, what makes it so special.

Green Tea

1. Green tea is rich in antioxidants
2. It could help prevent cancer
3. Heart health
4. Improves the health of the liver
5. It stimulates the metabolism and helps to lose weight
6. Digestive support
7. Prevention of diabetes
8. Improves dental health
9. Prevention of arthritis
10. Strengthens the immune system

Oolong Tea

Reduce heart problems

– Help the digestive processes.

– Provide vitamins and minerals.

– Help the general welfare.

– It has rejuvenating properties. Favor to regulate cholesterol.

– Encourage the proper functioning of the lungs.

– It is hypoglycemic (reduces sugar levels).

– Reduce blood pressure.

– Quench thirst.

– Reduce the effects of alcohol consumption.

– Promote a healthy dentition.

Pu-erh Tea

Among other benefits that are attributed to Pu-Her tea

1-. Detoxify and purify.

2-. Strengthens the immune system.

4-. Mitigates bad mood and even moderate depressions.

5-. Stimulates the secretion of the digestive glands.

6- It facilitates the digestion of fatty foods.

7- Reduces the level of fat in the blood.

8-. Eliminates overweight caused by poor nutrition.

9-. Lower the cholesterol level.

10-.Activates the metabolism of the liver.

11-. Preserves the organism of infections for its antibacterial action.

White Tea

  1. It is the richest antioxidant drink
  2. It helps us lose weight
  3. White tea takes care of our skin and our hair
  4. It helps us maintain energy throughout the day
  5. Improves the health of the liver


How Does Kou Tea work?

These are some of the most important properties and benefits that Kou Tea has on an empty stomach or after meals.

To delay aging

It is a powerful antioxidant. The high content of catechins and isoflavones in Kou Tea make it a perfect ally to fight against aging, help with circulation and prevent hardening of arterial walls, among many other benefits.

Prevents hair loss Those responsible for this benefit are epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCG. These substances stimulate hair growth and cause a significant lengthening of the hair follicle.

Increase fertility Its high content of polyphenols and hypoxanthine help a greater number of embryos have the optimal conditions to be fertilized and also benefits the increase in the maturation and fertility of the oocytes.

To prevent chronic and degenerative diseases

It is anticancer. There are already many researches on fasting Kou Tea that support this property. It is believed that this is due, too, to its high content of antioxidants. For example, Kou Tea would be responsible for the low rate of cancer in Asia, also good for the prostate and also indicated as good for the prevention of various types of cancer.

Stimulates immunity

The responsibility for this property of Kou Tea would be the EGCG, which possess one of the antioxidant substances that make up this drink that never ceases to surprise us because of its many benefits.

It controls diabetes. It can prevent the development of type 1 diabetes and can also delay its progression.

Calm allergies The Green Tea in Kou Tea would be responsible for blocking certain components that trigger allergies, especially seasonal ones.

Prevents glaucoma and other eye conditions

Its high content of polyphenols is what gives it its great antioxidant power, which is able to avoid cellular oxidative stress. This is the one that causes different types of degenerative diseases such as glaucoma.

Combat prostate problems

Its great ability to regenerate tissues is conferred by its content rich in catechins, which give it its antioxidant power. For this reason, it has been proven that Kou Tea can reduce up to 50 percent the risk of prostate cancer.

Controls vitiligo

Apparently, a protein found in Kou Tea protects healthy cells from the skin so they are not attacked by the immune system and no more white spots are formed in it.

It reduces the symptoms of lupus.

It can help reduce oxidative stress in cells and thus reverse the damage caused by inflammation to tissues, one of the salient features of lupus.

Eliminates genital warts or HPV

According to scientific studies, the consumption of the catechins present in Kou Tea, can be very beneficial to fight against the spread of HPV or genital warts. The EGCG would be responsible for inhibiting the cell cycle that causes HPV to multiply.

Prevents Alzheimer’s

According to several recent studies, EGCG catechins would reduce the levels of amyloid protein, responsible for the death of nerve cells that becomes Alzheimer’s.

Prevents kidney stones

Due to its antioxidant power, the Kou Tea extract prevents and eliminates calcifications. That is, it reduces the production and size of the calcium oxalate deposits that later settle in the kidneys, forming the stones.


Improves the flow of blood circulation.

Some studies seem to confirm that it maintains the optimal elasticity in the arteries to avoid collapses and alterations in tension.

It is NOT shown to be anticancer. Read what you read, there are no papers that demonstrate this property in Kou Tea. If you have a serious illness like this, what you need is the advice of a doctor.

For the digestive system.

It is diuretic, which helps eliminate toxins and purify the entire gastrointestinal and urinary system. In addition, it has laxative action, ideal to prevent constipation, helps combat gas retention and associated stomach pains.

It seems that regulates the levels of fat in the liver, something very interesting for those who have liver problems.

To lose weight

Many people think that Kou Tea to lose weight is really effective. In fact, its thermogenic activity in the burning of fats seems to have been confirmed. People who participated in some research in Taiwan said that it was the cause of the reduction of body fat. On the other hand, there is the well-known diet of Kou Tea, because it is a diuretic, a property to reduce fluid retention.

In a way, it really helps, but do not forget that if you go over your fat intake, you will never lose weight. We recommend that you follow a balanced diet, helping you with physical exercise and natural remedies such as lemon Kou Tea infusions, but do not put all your trust in a single slimming factor.

You can also combine Kou Tea and red tea to lose weight, since Pu Erh contains more alkaloids.

As a stimulant

stimulating properties and benefits

Kou Tea has stimulating functions due to its composition in alkaloids. It is useful as a substitute for coffee, since the alkaloids that it presents (caffeine, theine …) are less aggressive for the organism. Many athletes take it before training, since in addition to activating their body, it helps them lose weight.

In addition, alkaloids help improve concentration.

In dental health

Apparently, its composition helps prevent cavities, since in Asia, a study of the teeth was carried out among those who drank matcha Kou Tea and those who did not. The result was surprising, since those who frequently took the infusions had a healthier dentition.

For the face and skin

There are many cosmetics with Camellia sinensis extract as the main ingredient. This is so because its antioxidant action can be extrapolated to the care of the skin. It contains many vitamins that neutralize free radicals preventing premature aging and the early appearance of wrinkles. Additionally, it serves for the hair, strengthens it and takes care of the hair from the tips to the roots.

For acne and other dermatological diseases

Face masks with organic Kou Tea essential oil are recommended to treat pimples on the face formed by acne during puberty. It is also recommended to combine it with rosehip or sweet almond oil to improve your health and regulate the secretion of sebum.

For sleeping? Do not

For logical reasons Kou Tea does not help sleep or sleep disorders. Remember that it is rich in alkaloids, that is, molecules that activate the nervous system and help us to stay awake and to concentrate our thoughts on an activity. Among these alkaloids is caffeine. Do you really think it will help you fall asleep? Do not.

To reduce stress

In this case, despite the caffeine, it seems that an amino acid called L-theanine could make Kou Tea adequate to reduce stress. In addition, other molecules are able to neutralize free radicals, something essential if you want to fight it.

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