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At present, it would seem that only women tend to have problems with sex and the feeling of sexual arousal. This determination is wrong! The levels of libido decrease with the age of men, which also leads to sexual coldness. In addition, the accumulation of daily tasks and stressful situations are not conducive to relaxation. In such situations, ManPlus Vixea can be a safe solution. The ManPlus Vixea has integral actions. It means that ManPlus Vixea will not only affect the number of sexual situations or increase libido, but also an excellent prevention of prostate cancer.

The ManPlus Vixea is prepared with the highest quality that supports sexual performance and promotes sexual satisfaction, as well as positively affect male fertility.

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MalePlus Vixea Ingredients


L-arginine is one the key ingredient contained in ManPlus Vixea.  It has very effective role to play in solving male enhancement related problems.

More and more people are facing daily insecurity and low self-esteem that leads to not having good sexual health, and this kind of problems does not discriminate gender. Many of those doubts about performance, and sometimes about size, have to do with what we supply daily to our body.

According to studies, it is estimated that 50% of men between 40 and 70 years suffer from erectile dysfunction, and this in addition to wreaking havoc on self-esteem, also produces anxiety in the couple and can cause depression.

The true face of erectile dysfunction (ED)

Solution to problems of sexual impotence When we talk about erectile dysfunction we refer to several factors such as inability to achieve an erection, very brief erections or an inability to have them consistently; if we include all the cases with this profile, we obtain that there were around 30 million cases known according to the figure managed by the National Ambulatory Medical Care only in the United States, and that figure has increased alarmingly in the last ten years.

Although a series of factors is required for an erection to occur as they are:

Impulses of the nerves in the brain

Impulses of the nerves in the spine

Impulses of the nerves around the penis

Muscle response

Fibrous tissue response

Response of the cavernous tissues of the penis

At least, 75% of men with heart disease can have erection problems, and this is due to poor circulation, that is, if the blood vessels of the heart are not at their highest level of functioning, then the heart does not get the blood you need, the same goes for the penis, if the blood vessels that the penis has are damaged, then the man will not be able to maintain an erection.

Some amino acids can counteract the dysfunction, as is the case of L-arginine, since when a greater quantity of it is supplied to the organism, the levels of nitric oxide increase and this causes the dilation of the blood vessels thus obtaining a greater irrigation especially in the penis, that is, it reduces blood pressure and thus favors the erection and also nutrients and oxygen can quickly reach the organs, in turn increasing performance and endurance.

According to a study conducted by the University of Cologne in 1999 on 26 patients (mean age 51 years) with erection problems, they were given 1,500 milligrams of arginine in the form of a capsule. After 7 weeks, 73 percent of the participants were able to detect a marked improvement in their erectile power. No side effects were detected in any of the subjects.

While some medications to counteract erectile dysfunction can cause side effects such as heart disease, stroke and infertility, L-arginine fulfills the same function but safely.

That is, with the intake of the amino acid together with antioxidants, it is possible to obtain a greater number of sperm capable of fertilizing an egg.

Tongkat Ali Powder

MalePlus Vixea Boosts testosterone with the help of Tongkat Ali which is very effective and proven by medical studies for boosting testosterone.


MalePlus Vixea boosts the sex drive and male hormones with the help of sasparilla which a safe and proven ingredient for male performance.


MalePlus Vixea boosts stamina and strength which was made possible with the adequate quantity of Maca per capsule.

MalePlus Vixea Sources of Power Boosting

The reduction of libido can cause a decrease in sexual desire. However, MalePlus Vixea will help increase your potency.

One of the most important ways is to get rid of a variety of tensions, which are considered as the main reason for a low sexual desire. That is, stress reduces the level of testosterone, which is responsible for sexual desire. It is necessary to get rid of stress to live a healthy lifestyle.  Along with using MalePlus Vixea a Physical activity is also recommended, for example, Yoga.

Another way to increase your sexual desire is to reduce your alcohol consumption. Excessive alcohol consumption reduces the transmission of nerve impulses. The reason for the decrease in libido is very often also depression. It causes the neurological changes that contribute to the reduction in the ability to experience pleasure during sexual situations.

The decrease in sexual potency can actually be caused by several factors. It is very important to find the source of the problems, even if you should see a doctor because some of them may be caused by hormonal disorders, medications or other health problems. Not only should you think about how to get a harder erection – but find the right way to fix the problem!

Does the Size of the penis matter?

Some men tend to naturally attract hotter women. Apparently they are blessed with good luck, these men have their harvest peak and often have their women believing in every word. Anyone can guess what their secret may be, but it is very likely that they are excellent lovers who leave their women completely satisfied.

Attention like this can have any man who is well-equipped and in tune with his abilities and able to project his self-confidence in an attractive way for women. Of course, once you have the right equipment then the rest will naturally follow.

The average man has a penis that is about six inches long and 1 to 2 inches thick, and based on several online surveys, almost 70% of women are dissatisfied with the size of their lovers’ penis. So with that information in mind, what are your options to make sure you have every opportunity to obtain and keep the lover of your choice?

Those men who achieve average or less than average erections may find a supplement such as MalePlus Vixea to be of particular benefit to increase length and girth, as well as the promotion of overall penile health. Using all-natural ingredients in a patented blend that is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility, the MalePluse Vixea  has been helping men achieve bigger and more powerful erections for quite some time.

When you have a big penis and you know that you can fulfill the most exotic fantasies of a woman with your one long and thick member of love, then you will feel completely sure of yourself. One has self-confidence and will move to all other aspects of life as his assertiveness at work, as well as charmingly during social gatherings becomes more evident to all.

MalePlus Vixea, Supplement that make you last longer

Is Ejaculation Important in the Bedroom?

The volume of semen has a significant impact on the strength of orgasm and sexual sensations. For that reason, there are a lot of preparations based on natural substances, which greatly increase the amount of sperm, aimed at men who can not boast large semen loads.

Lastly, each man can have larger loads of semen. Those who have a complex on a low amount of sperm should try these products and see what it is like to have sex, ending with a very strong run. Having had sex, you can be sure that they have pleased the woman. It is quite obvious that the duration of the orgasm directly depends on the time in which the sperm leaves the penis. If there is a small amount of sperm, the orgasm also shortens. If, in turn, there is a considerable volume of sperm produced by the testicles, the time it is exiting is extended. This ensures that you have a very long and memorable orgasm.

Discover for yourself how great burdens can change your love life! You can try MalePlus Vixea that increase sperm production. You should be fear leass as MalePlus Vixea is not dangerous to health since it is made from herbs. Do not believe in what the companies that sell expensive supplements say using only synthetic components. Not only do they not help you fight the problem, but you will also face the risk of ruining your health.

If you dream of an exciting and spicy love life, do not hesitate and do something about the volume of your sperm! You will find in yourself how much your life can change.

Impotence can be cured

Many men experience prostate problems. Although it is a common and unpleasant condition, the reality is that not everyone is faced with this. If men remember that the potentiating pills are cheap and really effective, they could not advance their health in such an irresponsible way, as it does.  MalePlus Vixea has shown effect results in treating impotency which makes it more reliable than any other male enhancement supplement.


Men prefer to avoid the issue about power problems. They risk waiting for the problem with the erection to disappear as quickly as it appeared. Unfortunately, this will not happen in such a way. The proper functioning of the organism can be created only when there is adequate assistance.

It is important to realize the pills for impotence do not have to be expensive to be 100% effective. If men start to have some worrying signs related to their potency, they should react as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the situation will be even worse and may force men to a longer treatment.

Websites, which provides user feedback on their experiences of impotence, are visited by many people each day. What’s more, the fact is that men not only read about such a power problem, but their wives and girlfriends also, because they need certain information and solutions to help their partners.

As for the cheaper specific supplements, if you use them, you can overcome all erection problems, but it requires a little more time. It is also important to leave aside the pain and consult a specialist. This is especially important if you use the method that does not help you in any way.

How to cure impotence with MalePlus Vixea?

If the lack of desire or low performance is interfering with your love life, you may be looking for natural products to improve male performance and thus be able to restore your sex life. If you have tried some stimulant pills for the penis without results in the past or feel confused about the number of products on the market, Health Advisor offers unbiased comments from men to help you find the best male enhancement pills to meet your needs. .

Men look for natural products for the improvement of male performance for a variety of reasons. If you are looking for supplements to increase size or want to find stronger potentiating and longer lasting erection pills, there are products available for the results you are looking for.

Of the many treatment options for sexual health problems MalePlus Vixea is natural product for improving male performance, which is the safest, most accessible and easiest to find. There are no side effects or risks, compared to surgical procedures and prescription medications.

Consumer Reviews

“Since I have been using MalePlus Vixea supplements, I have significantly improved my erections, both while I sleep and in intercourse” – James 38 years old


“The contributions of MalePlus Vixea have markedly improved my size and capacity, I have greater mass and volume” – Emiliano 29 years


“The MalePlus Vixea tablets that the doctor told me gave me, along with sexual therapy, better sexual performance” – Daniel 57 years


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