NO2 Core A Formula to Maximize Your Workout – A Fake Claim Or Legitimate ?

NO2 Core is new supplement in the market and claims to be one of the leading supplements for enhancing the performance during workouts and increased results.  It also claims to be clinically proven  for its results.  The official website has stated that the ingredients used in this supplement are those which are very effective for body building purposes.  Here in this article I will review all these claims and see if these are true or just fake claims made by NO2 Core Manufacturer.  Before starting I would like to advise to only use supplements with authentic ingredients as fake ingredients or unknown ingredients may lead to bad side effects or poor health results.

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The Claims NO2 Core Makes

Following are the claims NO2 Core makes that you can benefits from its use:

1-  Made with 100% natural Ingredients

2-  Improves your workout stamina by increasing blood flow to body muscles

3-  Keeps your performance levels high during workout

4-  Increases Lean Muscles

5-  Increases Protein synthesis

6-  Enhances your pumps

7-  Increases focus and concentration

8-  Boosts Energy levels


What Ingredients does NO2 Core Contain?

Since now we know the benefits of NO2 Core let us have a look now into the ingredients if they are proven for such benefits:

1- L-Citrulline

Citrulline is found in foods and it can also be consumed as a dietary supplement like NO2 Core and there is evidence that has several health benefits, both for the performance of the athletes to help the treatment of some diseases.

Why does NO2 Core contain L-citrulline

Citrulline or L-citrulline is an amino acid not naturally produced is essential for the body and can also be found in the form of nutritional supplement. In the body, L-citrulline is converted in L-arginine on the kidneys and two amino acids involved in the urea cycle, process responsible for the Elimination of the ammonia, which is a byproduct of the normal metabolism of the body. Supplementation is usually often combined with L-citrulline and L-arginine, because the first plasma levels of arginine increases for a long time, by the endogenous conversion needs (within the body). Therefore, arginine increased does not happen with single peak, as in the case of direct intake of L-arginine. On the other hand, L-arginine is subject to an absorption reduced with high doses, may cause diarrhea.

L-citrulline has several applications in the treatment of genetic diseases such as disorders of the urea cycle, erectile dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, among others. In addition, it is used as a supplement to improve athletic performance and cardiovascular health. The results of supplementation with L-citrulline are reduce fatigue and improve resistance to prolonged and anaerobic aerobic exercise. However, there is not enough scientific evidence to confirm or refute these claims.

Beneficial cardiovascular effects

Citrulline as arginine, it is important in the dilation of the blood vessels (vasodilation), resulting from the relaxation of the cells of smooth muscle in the walls of the blood vessel. In the body, the citrulline it becomes arginine, in turn, serves as a substrate for the production of nitric oxide (NO). NO is essential for relaxation of the blood vessels, which guarantees a healthy blood flow to the heart and throughout the body.

In the treatment of erectile dysfunction

The same effect on blood vessels mentioned above, helps to relieve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (DE). L-citrulline converts to NO increases blood flow to the genitals of the man, assistance in erectile function.

Improving performance in physical activities

The nitric oxide produced after supplementation with L-citrulline plays an important role in the regulation of blood flow, the supply of oxygen in glucose uptake, the power and muscle growth. Therefore, the ability to control these physiological effects can be valuable for athletes.

Side effects of L-citrulline

There are no side effects reported for L-citrulline. However, these supplements are not recommended for women who are pregnant or breast feeding, since there is no scientific evidence on the safety of supplements for women in these conditions.


2- L-Arginine

L-arginine is a semi-essential or conditionally nonessential amino acid, which means that it is not necessary in a healthy diet. Even if you qualify as a non-essential amino acid, since it occurs in humans, supplementation is sometimes beneficial, especially for athletes and bodybuilders. The benefits of L-arginine are derived from their roles in the synthesis of proteins and which serves as a precursor of nitric oxide, a potent vasodilator. For these reasons, it is important for the cellular functions, muscular development and mass in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, hypertension, and congestive heart failure.

How Does NO2 Provide Lean Muscles With L-Arginine

Since it is necessary for the synthesis of proteins most l-arginine helps the muscle growth. While mass increases muscle, L-arginine also indicates to the muscle cells, stimulates the release of growth hormone and promotes the metabolism of fats. To reduce the deposits of fat under the skin and promote muscle growth, L-arginine can increase your fitness and improve strength, which are necessary for bodybuilding.

NO2 Core Increases Body Strength with the help Of L-Arginine

Increase in strength through the building of muscle mass is not the only benefit of L-arginine. To serve as a precursor for the vasodilator, nitric oxide, L-arginine promotes the strength and muscle conditioning. When releases nitric oxide, which dilates the blood vessels by relaxing the muscles in its walls. This reduces blood pressure and increases the flow of blood to the muscles during workouts. The increase in blood flow means that the oxygen and nutrients are supplied adequately to muscles and for long periods of time. This can help to reduce muscle damage, promote healing and provide maximum performance.

NO2 Core Helps your Immune System

NO2 Core’s ingredient L-arginine helps maintain health in general by stimulating the immune system. It absorbs free radicals and increases the efficiency of the cells of the immune system. In bodybuilding that through repeated physical tension, and increases the chances of infections and muscle damage, it is important to make sure that the immune system is always reinforced.


3- Cretine

Cretine is a supplement for those who want to increase the size of thier muscles, but keep in mind that this supplement only works if used properly during a dosing schedule. The most striking feature of this supplement is the ability of supply of energy to all cells of the body.

With the help of Cretine  NO2 Core increases the body’s ability to carry out high-intensity work. Strengthens the muscle contraction and helps the athlete to perform more repetitions, sprinter faster or perform more strongly in any type of exercise.

For bodybuilders,  NO2 Core  contains cretine which is essential in training since it helps in muscle mass gain.

The consumption  of NO2 Core over 3 days improves the muscle volume, as well as the speed performance in athletes

Why does NO2 Core claim that it helps Focus and Concentration during workout?

It has demonstrated that cretine is a nervous guard which allows the survival of cells that are exposed to environmental aggressions. This means that he prevents damage to cells during mechanical and psychological stress.

How does NO2 Core Justify its claim of Increasing Protein Synthesis

This supplement allows the muscle cells to  inflate, causing the increase of muscle mass. In addition, the cretine is responsible for improving stimulation of protein synthesis and muscle building in the long term.

Note: No2 core also prevents muscle loss because of creatien.

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What is my Recommendation based on the Above Ingredients?

As know now from the details and benefits we are quite clear about the potential benefits NO2 Core can provide our body for muscle building purpose,  I do recommend trying this supplement as there is no harm in using it.

Is No2 Core Clinically Proven for its Results?

The ingredient contained in NO2 Core are medically proven for their results and benefits for building lean muscles and improving endurance during workout.  The three main ingredient as mentioned are very help full and used vastly by bodybuilders to improve their body muscles and workouts.

Where is It Manufactured?

No2 Core is manufactured in the United States under the FDA approved facilities but None of the ingredients it contains is analyzed by FDA.

Does it Possess any Side Effects?

Since it is made with all natural ingredients medically proven for helping in body building and does not harm the body, so it is safe to use by those who are willing to have a strong body with lean muscles.

Is it Evaluated By The FDA?

NO2 core as like other dietary supplements is not evaluated by FDA.  FDA does not issue any certification or letter for use of any dietary supplement.

Is this supplement for You?

If you are willing to boost your stamina during workout and also require focus in the gym then this supplement is for you.  It will help you in many ways during workout and will increase the timing of your workout by boosting your stamina.  It also helps production of Nitric Oxide which helps the proper blood flow to your body muscles.

Is NO2 Core Recommended Supplement?

Yes as far as the benefits of the ingredients it contains this supplement is highly recommended for athletes for improving their workouts and body muscles.

How Can I get best Results with this Supplement?

If you want to get best results out of this supplement then you must take healthy balanced diet, follow a good workout routine and drink a plenty of water during the day.

What is the recommended Dosage of NO2 Core?

Two capsules should be taken thirty minutes before you start your workout session in order the get good results.

Can I use it along with my other Prescribed Medicine?

Consult your physician before using NO2 Core with any other prescribed Medicine to avoid any side effects of such a combination.

Is it safe to use while I am sick?

It is better  not to use any dietary supplement while you are involved in serious sickness as such an act can lead to serious health issues.

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How much Do You need to Pay to Get NO2 Core Supplement?

You can get 18 days trial just for $ 4.95 (shipping and Handling).  If you want to continue the use this supplement you will have to pay $89.95 after the completion of trial period.

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