Snoring the problems and Remedies

Did you know that snoring causes accidents? As it turns out, they can be a first step towards sleep apnea , which can seriously harm your health. On the other hand, snoring in some cases, and contrary to what is thought, can make you not rest properly.



When drowsiness catches you, every inch of your body gradually relaxes, even the most posterior part of the palate. That area is called “veil of the palate” and influences when speaking, swallowing and smacking a smack on the highway.


If your neck is flaccid (because you’re cute) or the veil on your palate, your tongue and throat muscles relax too much (because you’ve been drinking), the airways narrow and snore. If they are blocked continuously, you have sleep apnea.


When the systems work perfectly, you inhale the optimum amount of oxygen. But sleep apnea blocks the airways and reduces your oxygen level to 60% or less, exterminating the vulnerable brain cells.


Your brain senses oxygen shortages and directs the muscles in your airways to tighten. You breathe in raggedly and you wake up a few milliseconds. This happens about 30 times or more every hour, preventing you from falling into a deep sleep.


How To Stop Snoring

There are many factors that can determine our snoring. If you want to end them, try to lose weight and leave bad habits like smoking


When you sleep with someone who snores at your side it is impossible to rest well. Those annoying noises that the night to you can cause you nightmares, insomnia and in the morning, bad mood. It seems that nothing will cause the other person to shut up or reduce their sounds coming from the nose or mouth. Now, what if the snorer is you? You may not notice it, but your bed or roommate may suffer the consequences. Learn how to eliminate snoring naturally in this article.


Deep dream, snore and rest

Undoubtedly these three activities are interrelated. Deep sleep helps you repair cells, muscles, organs and even the skin . If you sleep well at night, in the morning you will feel refreshed, that is why it is so important. While we sleep the body rejuvenates and repairs itself.

Surely you know the effects of having a bad night, for various reasons that we will not discuss here. The next day you are moody, with a headache, irritable, with problems to concentrate, you are not at all productive, etc. There are many consequences that the lack of sleep brings to our organism.

Now, if you have trouble sleeping several times a week, it can affect your health. Is likely to get sick more often, you hurt the muscles , migraines attack you and you can not pay attention to anything you do. Basically, you’ll be like a zombie all day.

With regard to the external, there are also signs of lack of sleep : tired, stained, fat, lack of light skin; Curly and damaged hair, strands of hair that fall in quantity, problems to grow the nails, etc.


How  to Avoid Snoring

One of the main reasons why a person may have trouble sleeping is to listen to the couple’s snoring, or wake up in the middle of the night by their own. Yes, we can snoring so loud that we will open the eyes , jump out of bed and then it costs us may fall asleep again.

The sound of snoring (not to mention the annoying noise) basically affects those who do not have a very deep sleep, or when they are in the early stages of sleep, hardly go to bed.

If your spouse or partner snores much room you do not need to take tough decisions like taking your pillow and sleep on the couch, aventarle a pillow over her head, attempting to rotate it, buy earplugs or even separated.

Some of this may work but, in reality, they will not be attacking the problem, but putting a “patch” on the situation. If it looks like next to have a professional trumpet player or a hibernating bear, if the neighbors have complained or if your dark circles  are so large that they arrive at your feet, then, is a good time to take action on the matter, as they say Popularly.

You do not have to be angry with the other person, but help him avoid the situation. Because really, if snoring is due to a problem and not doing it for fun or to annoy. It’s a good idea to talk to your partner or partner and tell them what’s going on. In this way, both will put their bit to improve things.


Natural Remedies for Snoring

Whether it’s the other person or you who snore, take a look at these tips, tips and home remedies for snoring:

Sleeping teas

Sage tea


1 handful of leaves of sage

1 cup water (250 ml)

How to prepare it

Heat the cup of water and bring the sage to boil for 20 minutes. Remove from the heat and leave to infuse a few minutes, covered. Strain and drink immediately. This will soothe the nerves and relax the muscles, therefore, you will sleep more calmly and there will be less chance that you will snore.


Onion tea


1 onion

1 cup water

2 tablespoons brown sugar

How to prepare it

Peel the onion and cut into large pieces. Heat the water and make an infusion with the onion pieces, for 20 minutes. Then remove from the fire and cover to infuse. Then strain and pour brown sugar, stir well and drink two hours before sleep .


Good posture

Research has shown that depending on the position we take at bedtime we will be more or less likely to snore. Posture in bed is very important. Try not to sleep on their tummies to not put pressure on the lungs and heart . In turn, it is good to rest on your back and with your head slightly raised. You can put more than one cushion or raise the upper legs of the bed with any object (also cut the legs below). In this way, the unevenness of the body will make it not so easy to snore. For its part, sleeping on the side is the best alternative, as it does not produce snoring.


Better habits

The fact of snoring is intimately linked to our daily habits. Why it is that obese or overweight and who smoke are more vulnerable to snoring people. If you lose at least 10% of your weight and if you try to quit (or gradually reduce the daily amount), you will improve in many aspects of your life, including the way you sleep.

Snoring Problems and Remedies - It Hurst Get Rid of It Now! the problems and Remedies Did you know that snoring causes accidents? As it turns out, they can be a first step towards sleep apnea , which can seriously harm your health. On the other hand, snoring in some cases, and contrary to what is thought, can make you not rest properly. 1 / YOU FALL...